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Overview Manuals


Protexiom Basic (PDF, 7 MB)
Protexiom Plus (PDF, 20 MB)
Protexiom Optimum (PDF, 18 MB)
Movement detector for big dogs (PDF, 1 MB)
Movement detector for small pets (PDF, 1,3 MB)
Movement detector (PDF, 1 MB)
Opening detector(PDF, 1 MB)
Opening and glass breakage detector (PDF, 500 KB)
Smoke detector (PDF, 500 KB)
ON/OFF remote controll (2 knobs) (PDF, 600 KB)
Set of 2 badges (black and white) (PDF, 400 KB)
Outdoor movement detector (PDF, 2 MB)
Outdoor siren with flash light (PDF, 700 KB)
Garage door opening detector (PDF, 1,3 MB)
PSTN module (PDF, 600 KB)
ON/OFF + zones remote controll (4 knobs) (PDF, 600 KB)
Roller shutter opening detector (PDF, 900 KB) 
Movement detector images (PDF, 3,5 MB)
IP Camera WiFi (indoor) (PDF, 1,4 MB)



Indoor on/off remote controlled socket (PDF, 2,6 MB)
Indoor dimming remote controlled socket (PDF, 3,2 MB)
Indoor on/off remote controlled lamp holder (PDF, 3,6 MB)
Set of 3 on/off remote controlled sockets + 1 remote (PDF, 6,8 MB)
Micro Receiver Lighting (PDF, 1,5 MB)
Lighting receiver (outdoor) (PDF, 800 KB)



Somfy Box (PDF, 3,2 MB)
Sensor Module for Somfy Box (PDF, 200 KB)
Remote control 5 channels (PDF, 2 MB)
Programmable remote control 6 channels (PDF, 3,3 MB)
Scenario player for Somfy box (PDF, 3 MB)
Wired switch for roller shutter with receiver (PDF, 3 MB)
Micro receiver roller shutters and sun protection (PDF, 5 MB)
Remote control 1 channel (PDF, 4 MB)
Wireless wall switch (PDF, 6 MB)
Indoor wall control (2 button) (PDF, 900 KB)


Garage door motors GDK 3000 & 4000 (PDF, 3,4 MB)
Swinging gate motor EXAVIA 500 (PDF, 12 MB)
Swinging gate motor SGS 201 (PDF, 19 MB)
Swinging gate motor SGS 501 (PDF, 21 MB)
Remote control - 2 channels (PDF, 4 MB)
Orange warning light (PDF, 7 MB)
Outdoor code keypad  (PDF, 5 MB)
Photoelectric cells (PDF, 3 MB)



Outdoor temperature sensor
Outdoor sun sensor